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The power of sourdough is in the concept #sourdoughisamethodnotaflavour

Universe, Source, energy In all their shades.

The following words are the summary of my thoughts on spirituality and love. I feel happy of what I have learned on my skin in this short time, and thanks to friends that have introduced me unknowingly to spirituality, ego and energy.

In such a short time I feel so different and connected to this planet, to this universe, to all the creatures and to all energies that flow around and to all the people that are around. I decided so, to share what others have shared with me, and with all my love and generosity I want to give you the informations that I have got to know. Some people who have already walked on the path of spirituality and energy will find this as a reinforcement for their beliefs. If you are going down the path of enlightenment you will read this words with more emphasis and belief, you will also  amplify your perception to spirit. Instead if you are new to this matter you’ll learn something new, magic and natural. That will appassionate you. You will might come to read to this article thanks to the law of attraction.

You have nothing to lose but instead a lot to earn. Something that you might find a bit hard to chew but also something that will possibly change your life whenever you’ll be ready to believe.  These words are meant to change your life if you believe in you and them. I repeat to my self, often enough to do not lose focus, this quote: when you’ll believe it, you’ll see it.

Dr. Wayne Dyer, an amazing Motivator that  I love immensely and has opened to me the world of kindness and love, died physically in 2015 and he has introduced many people to spirituality and unconditional love; in the past he said: “We are spiritual beings living a physical experience”, but then he also add, “we are eternal spirits having a temporary physical life” . He is also a great writer, he has written over 60 books in his carrier and my favourite is this: Wishes Fulfilled: Mastering the Art of Manifesting Abraham Hicks said: we actually never live, we are forever energy and we can’t disappear. A sentence of such a great depth changed my perception on life and how to live it. It is easy to understand, slowly but steady we’ll all go down the path of spirituality, somebody will be enlightened by fasting and cleaning their body, somebody will discover spirituality in pain or suffer, somebody else will find spirituality in happiness, somebody will find spirituality loving their children or their pets. Spirituality is not to be Confused with religion, spirituality is the mother of everything, spirituality is believing in the source of energy that created it all. Religions are based on the same principle, and I love them too. Energy is something that has always been and always will be. Source, Universe, God they are the same power under different names but they created everything in its perfection. Everything is made of energy, and when I say energy I mean it. Physicists say that matter is 0,1% of what we see and touch. So my question is: what is the rest? Some religious says that the rest is God’s energy, some physicist says it is energy, some body else says it is consciousness. My personal opinion is that the rest is space, consciousness and energy. An amazing mix of positivity and energy. A balanced stream of energy that flows around the universe in its perfection and harmony, like a beautiful music symphony.

Please next time you’ll pay attenction to an object or a person or an animal or anything else, remember and analyse the fact that you are actually watching, hearing and touching only 0,1% of its wholeness.

Start feeling the rest of it, it is much more. Use your feelings use your emotions. Go back to your natural status of being.


We have the power to change our lifes for the better, we have the power to change our emotions using our thoughts. What’s love about? It’s a very hard question not easy to be answered to.  My personal opinion is that Love has plenty of shades and different colours. Someone would love material things, someone would love his plants, someone would love his tools, someone would love his pets, someone would love his children, someone would love his partner etc. My conclusions is that love is the emotions that gives you that push in the morning to wake you up, with smile and happiness ready to start another day on this amazing planet, it is that feeling that drives you towards your success, towards your purpose, towards your dream.

As easy as it sounds we should get to understand that everything that we would love it’s already here, it’s part of our life, part of our frequencies of vibrations.

Love is a very fast and high vibration frequency that creates happiness and laugh and so many other things. It also makes you understand what your priorities are.

Make the change of your life by start feeling gratitude for what you have, for what you are. It is important that you let go all your fears. It is important that you start loving your self and what you have.  Don’t forget your dreams just let them float in your mind and give them the chance to make you feel love, loved and grateful.This is the key to success, achievement and happiness. 

We only have to let go our needs, we only have to appreciate what we have. What we have is precious, it is what we wanted in the past and it has manifested through the law of Attraction.

Gratitude is the emotion/power that makes you feel realised, makes you understand that all things that you think will appear in your life. whether you understand it or not.

Use gratitude in your daily life, accept what you have, even if you don’t like it. Understand that it is what it is because you have to learn from it. The quicker you’ll start living/loving this way the quicker you will be surrounded from all that you want.

Good luck with your search I’m sure you will be successful.

With love and kindness Giuseppe Nasti

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