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The power of sourdough is in the concept #sourdoughisamethodnotaflavour

The real power, hidden under layers of laziness

The necessity to write this article, comes from the fact that people are not aware of their powers. The powers they get gifted at birth. All these special skills are very often hidden from your own eyes by the environment you are living in. Your environment and family shapes your life and future.

Purposes and tasks that we need to accomplish during our life can only be achieved when we take off layers and layers of fear from our eyes. The fear to fail, the fear to not be able of performing at high standards, the fear of not being worth enough, the fear of not being able or capable at something, the fear of being without a purpose because you can’t see it.

Purposes are passions. Passions that during days of pain and stress, and days of gratification and fun are cultivated by you and me. By us. We all have few interesting hobbies that we would love to pursuit as a profession.

But until we don’t defeat fear, we will never be able of having the final vision. The vision that drives you everyday to love what you do, to conquer hard things, to face challenges with courage.

Courage it’s the quality that you need to move on about hard situation and acknowledging that the past cant be changed. Courage to succeed. Courage to change path of life, courage to take responsibility of your actions, understand that the circumstance you are living now is where you wanted to be.

Laziness on the other hand is your biggest enemy, is that friend or pseudo friend that wants you to sit on the couch all day long, is that pseudo friend that wants you to get high or drunk. Is that guy that tells you, come on mate, you can do that tomorrow or next week. Don’t do it now.

But the time that you feel like you don’t want to do something, is the time when you need to do it the most. You have to win this battle. You’ll experience plenty of these situations in your life when you don’t feel like doing something. But you will be wiser the next time they’ll happen and you will be able to handle them, and go tackle them strongly and accomplishing that you didn’t want to do.

Laziness is a very strong enemy, it will check on you very often and see if you are weak enough to take full control of your mind. Don’t give him this chances.

Don’t fear anything is just a state of mind. It’s a choice you take every time you have that emotion rising in your chest.

Fear is your friend, thanks to fear and self protection we have evolved to be the humans we are today. And through the same process I believe humans will be able to communicate telepathically. I’m sure somebody already knows how to understand telepathic waves.

So to end this chapter of self development and empowering, try and practise this following advise: -be courageous and don’t fear fear, to be able to evolve and become greater than you already are.

Our purpose here at Healthynastikitchen is to make you aware, of your own hidden gifts. Search for them, Make them become a passion and cultivate until you master them.

With love and passion

Giuseppe Nasti

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