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The power of sourdough is in the concept #sourdoughisamethodnotaflavour

The little things

Make you happy within.

It’s a bright light in the sky, a ripple in the water, a shooting star, a free smile, a bee flying on a rose, your children telling you that they love you, a full moon, a breeze, and a sparkling rainbow. These little things can be connected to our soul forever, and are not influenced by our operation, they occur naturally. I have memories related to every single feeling and event happened to my life. The rainbow is definitely one on the top of my list. The little thing that excite me the most. I believe it is amazing to have so many shades of colours matching so perfectly together.

Pay attention to the little things, in your life.

Slow down to notice them, when you speed its hard to notice things around you. Traveling at 100 km/h shows you one world but walking shows you one even better, slow down and you’ll see the little things you can’t see when you are too busy. Slow down.

Appreciate how this planet shows its beauty with no regrets, with no boundaries, with unevenness, with limitless love.

A tree will always offer its branches for a bird to rest or to nest, without asking anything back. That’s the simple law of love- Giuseppe Joe Nasti

Share your love, give away as much as you can. Don’t hold back. That’s my only advise.

with passion and love

Giuseppe Nasti

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