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The mysterious healing power of Shungite

This black lustrous not crystalline mineraloid is said to be at least 2 billion years old. First discovered in the remote area of Russia, exactly in the Karelia region. The name derives from the city of Shunga which is the first city where this mineral was discovered, recently more mines have been discovered around the world, Korea, South Africa, and India.

Shungite contains 98% percent of the weight in carbon. The same substance of coal and diamonds.

What really makes Shungite so magic is it’s structure. Fullerenes This Structure is amazingly important for keeping our energy in balance and protect us from radiation as you will read down in the article.

Shungite though has always been used in history as a healing “stone”, shamans have spoken about its power of purifying water, not only for drinking, also for spa therapies,like the wise Tsar of Russia Peter did in the very past using the Shungite water for his army.

Healing remedies:

Shungite is most common used in water to clean it, purify it and, to balance its vibrations and energy. Shungite has the property of reducing negative vibration and increase positive ones. Recent tests have proven that Shungite has huge antibacterial properties, making it the most powerful antioxidant in the world.

In 1996 four scientists have been awarded with a Nobel prize for studying, understanding and sharing the positive healing properties of Shungite. Thanks to these scientist we are now able to use it, all over the world and the word is spreading quickly. We are able to use this amazing mineral and get the benefits of it.

Shield force:

Shungite produces also an amazing revolutionary natural shield for those harmful waves and electro magnetic radiation produced by modern technology like:

  • Computers
  • Mobile phones
  • Microwave ovens
  • TV sets
  • Wifi modem
  • Wifi distributors
  • Antenna.

Shungite water

Making Shungite water is very simple, you only have to buy about 15 g of Shungite and infuse it into 3 lt of water for about 3 hours. Make 2 of these so you can have a spare jag ready every time you are thirsty.

Shungite water is proven to reduce skin irritation, stimulates the regeneration of tissue and cells, neutralise toxins in the body and blood, improves the health of your gastrointestinal tract.

Pendant and polished stone

The gift of these good looking mineral is also in its vibrational status. Its positive energy help us increase our energy and for so our vibrations. Increasing our vibrations we become more connected with nature, space and Universe.

Keep one of this pendant in direct contact with your skin, to elevate your inner status, free your skin from toxins and recharge your spiritual batteries.

Same result for decorative healing Shungite pyramids or circles, research on this mineral have proven its strong neutralising effect of toxins, EMF, and electromagnetic field around us.

This amazing stone, incredibly energetically powerful it’s a must in these days of negativity and technology dictators. We have to heal our self with everything possible in hour heads, of at least believe.

Passion and love

Giuseppe Nasti

Shungite explanations in 90 seconds

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