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The forgotten meaning of breakfast

不 不, hello it really makes me laugh that we all think that breakfast equals having that amazing sweet or savoury first meal of the day, to start off our day with energy and focus. Do you want to look younger? Do you want to lose weight, do you want to feel lighter, do you want to live long? If you have any of this question running in your mind you should keep reading this article. Read about my theory of the first meal. Nothing it has never been actually so misunderstood Like this important first meal. I can certainly say that we can consider breakfast the first meal of the day, and for so the most important.

I tell you my story, in the last year I have been trough a lot of changes, spiritual, physical and behavioural. I have become vegetarian in November 2016, mostly vegan, ethically and healthy. Many reason that made me go down the vegetarian path.

I started with a full fasting of 21 days, off course if you are not followed by a doctor you better get some information about it, than I continued with the famous solid food vacation, amazingly fresh and regenerating. Now for the last 6 months I have a new approach to food. I have found my balance, I have found what makes me happy. Law of attraction has attracted me to what I believe I always wanted for my self, my family and for all the people I’m lucky to have encountered in my life and I will encounter in the future. Which is health.

Healthy food is the key to longevity, inner well being and wealth. Amazingly right believe me.

So that’s enough of my story. For today. I lately understood that the double worded “breakfast” word means break the fast.

Have you ever payed attention to this real meaning? Please if you did let me know down on the comments below. I’m very curious to know how many of you really knew.

Well I wasn’t that smart but I’ve still understood it. So from that day onwards my diet is very simple, effective, organic, light and satisfying. I get to eat a lot. And I’m still losing wait it is amazing. I’m getting fitter and liner day by day.

I love with this principle:

When you go to sleep your body, if super clean and without toxins, rest and regenerates the old cells with new ones. So in the morning the new cells need good primarily nutrients to grow and maintain their young quality. I love to fast for roughly 16-22 hours a day, and believe me being a chef it is pretty hard. But with discipline and effort I made it become a routine and after a month it is now part of my subconscious mind and all works by it self. I drink lots and lots of water during the day to keep my self infrared. After my fasting period I have my breakfast. First thing I drink a big glass of water and spirulina or wheat grass powder. To give to my cells good amount of proteins, vitamins, and sodium. Then I have a banana, and then I have my vegetarian main meal with fresh veggies, some carbs and seasoning. I use Himalayan salt, lemon juice and my home made wine vinegar or apple vinegar. Believe me your skin is going to rejuvenate and your body is going to feel much better.

With my profound love and passion I wish you a beautiful rewarding life.

Giuseppe Nasti


  1. Linda Stoneham

    Yes I was taught early how important breakfast is as we are breaking the fast.
    Now I pass that on to my children.
    Lovely to hear all your positive thoughts.
    Hope you and your family are happy and healthy, sorry I didn’t get to see you all before you left Rye, Linda , David, Elly & Jack x

    1. I am very happy that you have the knowledge about it. It is important to share that with our children and make them understand the important philosophy behind it. Good luck for the future, we will definitely come to Rye sometimes.

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