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The famous Trieste’s soup: La Jota

This is the recipe for one of the best Triestina’s soups. Influenced from the surrounding borders around Friuli Venezia Giulia in Italy.

Trieste is my native town, where I was born 31 years ago. Proud of my mixed heritage half from Napoli but born and raised in Trieste I feel like I have to share this earthy soup, for a cozy winter night with you. Vanity fair Italy has recently asked me t produce this recipe for their magazine, so I’ll take the chance to share this recipe on my blog too.

Believe me it is worth it.

Basically it’s a soup made of sour kraut, potato and borlotti beans. The cozy smoky flavour, for those who love the traditional Jota flavours, is given by the smoked pork ribs or sausages. I prefer the fatty cartilaginous ribs. 👌 It could easily be a vegan or vegetarian soup as well just by keeper it without the meat but adding maybe some smoked paprika.

Important ingredients of this soup are caraway, bay leaf, salt, pepper, garlic onion and vegetable or chicken stock.

I love to match it with some amazing Warm or toasted Rye bread.

To start we need to soak the beans over night in case you use the dry ones,

Instead if you want to save a job and buy the ones in the tin just rinse them off and add them to the soup in the last 10 minutes of cooking. The day after, in the morning, start cooking the beans slowly, with the bay leaf, and a clove of garlic, don’t put the salt until the legumes are cooked otherwise their skin will become hard.

While these beans are cooking, chop 2 onions and 2 cloves garlic and start sweating them in a pot with 4 table spoon of oil and a bay leaf.<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
searing the ribs that we previously have cut in the size of two bones. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
up a bit 😜, start dicing the potatoes and strain the sour kraut.

Add these 2 Ingredient to the pot with the sweated onion. Sweat together for 5 minutes, add the pork ribs and sequently add the stock and a big pinch of salt.Once the ribs and the potato are cooked check if the beans are cooked. Take out half of the and blend them. Mix all together check the taste and serve this amazing soup nice and hot. I love to bring some fresh place pepper on it. I really suggest it.Enjoy this typical soup with your loved ones. You’ll love it.

Giuseppe Nasti

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