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Take your chances

Take your chances and don’t regret that you didn’t. Be courageous, don’t hesitate, trust your self.

Universe gives you the things that you need for the dreams that you desire, but if you don’t take your chances you’ll be forgotten by your own waiting gift.

Taking chances means to be able to understand the Universe signs, understand your guts feeling, be aware of your perceptions, study the people around you, get inspiration by the genius that have lived In the past.

Taking chances means not wasting time thinking about what the others do, what the other would think, what the other would judge.

Taking chances also means hard work, discipline , courage to risk it all. Courage to start when you fail, and get up again.

It is matter of dedication and consistency. Make your self able to see outside the box. That is what your chances are. Your chances are The things that you wanted the most, your chances are the people that you meet in your life, your chances are the situations that you create with your actions.

Don’t stay still only on your thoughts, waiting for things to show up, make them show up, take action, do something that can give you the possibility to obtain a chance. As Paulo Coelho said, follow your personal legend with your heart and the omens will appear.

This is what I am talking about, omens, signs, chances, offers, ideas, glimpse. Everything that happens in your life has a purpose, purpose to be used, known or needed in determined times of your life.

Believe in Universe’s action, they will take you there. Where you belong.

Experiencing your truth

You are reading this because you were looking for this inspirational piece, you have attracted this script to you. You were looking for someone that has already been where you are now, some one that could tell that is possible to see signs, and for someone who now is taking his chances to achieve his dreams.

I also one day was reading and reading and reading to find informations about how to achieve my goals, and what I am writing down now is something that I have been studying, that I am still studying, and that feeds everyday my mind and soul. Everyday I feel closer and closer to what I deserve, to what I dream, to what I think constantly.

Don’t waste time, leave this page now and take your chances. Go. Go. What are you doing here yet?? Go, put down this phone, close the page and go do something that you know is going to take where you belong, where your chances and your omens will come your way.

Good luck with all my heart.

Giuseppe Nasti

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