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The power of sourdough is in the concept #sourdoughisamethodnotaflavour

Sweet winter sourdough with citrus zest, apricot and sultana

Sweet sourdough with sultana and and pine nuts. Recipe 6 of seven is a take on the Famous Italian Christmas bread: “the” panettone. Flavour wise the mix of orange, lemon and vanilla will take you flavour buds to a trip, in Italy, during the Christmas festive time. Remember that this is a bread so it […]

Orange and coconut Moist cake Gf Lf

Today I want to share this amazing recipe which is gluten-free and lactose free. I first made this recipe for a cafe 2 years ago, and I have fallen in love with it. When you have the luck to create such an amazing recipe, it needs to be shared with professionals and amateurs. Let’s start […]

Torrone al cioccolato

Se c’è un dolce che amo tanto preparare nei mesi invernali e soprattutto durante il periodo Natalizio è proprio il Torrone. Dopo anni di carriera sono finalmente riuscito a mettere le mani su una delle ricette più buone che ci siano. Più facili che ci siano e più veloci che ci siano. Avremmo bisogno dei […]

Pandoro di Natale (Italian Christmas cake)

For my greatest supporters this year I want you to know that I am very grateful that you really took the time to follow this blog. I want to reward you with my latest Pandoro recipe! Ingredients first step: 70 g water 35 g strong flour (Manitoba) (12-13 g protein for 100 g of flour) […]

Chocolate and apricot brioche

[wpvideo rIsUd1Vr ]To start this amazing brioche you need love And love and love. I love to eat this amazing bread with my cashew cheese, but you can enjoy it as you prefer. Ingredients: 1000gr strong flour 50 gr milk 12 eggs 50 gr sugar 28 gr salt 50 gr dry yeast or 350 gr […]

Sweet risotto

Sweet Like a rice pudding, creamy like a risotto, al dente like Italians like it. I’ve first created this dish for a cooking competitions back in Italy in 2010. Amazingly creative, super easy to prepare. Ingredients: 250 gr carnaroli rice 700 ml milk vanilla bean Pod Zest of 1 lime Juice of one lemon 5 […]

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