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The power of sourdough is in the concept #sourdoughisamethodnotaflavour

Candied ginger and walnut sourdough

This is the second recipe of a series of 7 recipes. If you want to see them all make sure you come back. The recipe of today is a super scented sourdough, with fragrances of ginger and toasted walnut. Something that could be easily be served as a complimentary bread in case you want to […]

Sultanas and citrus Sourdough (basic fruit sourdough)

This week is going to be a powerful week, I’m going to produce and upload a sourdough recipe everyday of the week, and if you know somebody who might be interested in learning how to bake sourdough, you know that you can share this blog with them. The first recipe is a classic sourdough with […]

High hydrated sourdough (85% hydro)

[wpvideo hMD3OeAJ ] People say it is easy, People say it is hard. The truth is in the middle, most of it at least. My purpose is to guide you on your way to baking, and by starting this project many people have started cultivating their passion for sourdough, and purchasing or cultivating their own […]

The perfect sourdough pizza

My story, for what concerns sourdough pizza starts way long ago. I failed a million times and finally I succeeded. It started when I first tried to make the sourdough pizza in my home town Trieste, in Italy. My background is from Napoli too, the kingdom of pizza. Then you already know that my Grandpa […]

Whole grain sourdough with sprouted legums

I wanted to have a sprouted legumes flavoured bread and I developed this recipe that only requires the addition of sprouted legumes that you can find already sprouted in any super market. Sorry for the repetition of the word sprouted. I prepare my simple sourdough following my usual recipe: 100gr white flour 800 gr whole […]

The black gold, charcoal Sourdough

Multigrain charcoal bread. I wanted to share with you this wonderful loaf of sourdough. A toasted or not toasted slice of this bread is the perfect match for smoked salmon, avocado, and also cured meats if you like them, such as: prosciutto, bresaola or Salami. Ingredients: 700 gr whole meal spelt flour 300 gr whole […]

Sourdough starter 1.0

Here we go again, with something very important, that I love from the bottom of my heart. My grand father was a baker, and I think all his knowledge passed into my veins. I have no idea. I’ve never met him, he died before I had the chance  to ask him anything. One incredible thing […]

Why your starter hasn’t born yet? I know why! Let me tell you this…

I really want to help you because I have personally have been through this and I know how frustrating it feels and annoying it can be. So I’m here to help. My starter is not starting why? It is very simple, you are missing the first important quality that you need to have which is […]

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