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The power of sourdough is in the concept #sourdoughisamethodnotaflavour

Vanessa Kimbell, the lady-baker that unified science and sourdough

I would like to start by saying that the interview that I’m going to share with you today has made me change the way I look at sourdough very deeply. I knew it was a very good craft but what I’ve learnt through this chat with Vanessa is out of this world. I am so […]

Catherine the sourdough-art-ist.

45 years of experience and service to the art of baking Catherine is a wonderful woman that lives in Vancouver, in Canada and her craft is influenced by her European Heritage and by her Economic teacher. She started cooking very young, at the age of 13. Year after year the experience grows and widens in […]

How to make a sourdough starter culture from scratch

There are so many people out there who really want to make their own sourdough starter and finally bake at home. But what are you not really doing right? Today I want to give you the only 3 pieces of information that you need to know about creating your own starter. It all starts naturally […]

How to feed a sourdough starter culture

This is the basic of baking, the most important step, to bake a good piece of bread. Feeding our starter is many times left as a secondary task to our baking, which it could actually be, in certain cases, but the feeding step is erroneously the most undervalued step of all. When we feed our […]

Giuseppe’s Panettone HNK development

Panettone is a great Christmas Italian sweet bread A hybrid between a brioche and a sweet bun. It is characterized by two main factors such as great aroma and perfumes and a lightness equal to cotton candy. These are qualities that you can find only in a Panettone and a Pandoro, it is that light […]

Sweet winter sourdough with citrus zest, apricot and sultana

Sweet sourdough with sultana and and pine nuts. Recipe 6 of seven is a take on the Famous Italian Christmas bread: “the” panettone. Flavour wise the mix of orange, lemon and vanilla will take you flavour buds to a trip, in Italy, during the Christmas festive time. Remember that this is a bread so it […]

Apple, fennel and white chocolate

This is probably my favourite taste so far, Apple wild fennel seed and white has something very special. This combination is fantastic. It is a bread that it is good on its own just with a little dust of icing sugar or some more melted whole chocolate on top. Ingredients: 1000gr white flour 680 gr […]

Cranberries pistachio and rose water

This is the 4th recipe of a series of 7 recipes. If you want to see them all make sure you come back. We have already created these ones: Sultanas and citrus sourdough Candied ginger and walnut sourdough Prunes and earl grey tea sourdough The recipe of today is influenced by middle eastern perfumes with […]

Prunes and earl grey tea sourdough

We now start with some great creative flavours that really match tea or coffee time. This bread, in particular, will taste flowery and the prunes will give a nice burst of sweetness. One good tip for this recipe, make the tea one day In advance. Boil 750ml of water and infuse 3 earl grey tea […]

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