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The power of sourdough is in the concept #sourdoughisamethodnotaflavour

The secret about sourdough and the open crumb

There are so many theories talking about the perfect open crumb or the perfect sourdough recipe. But is there really only one method or only one recipe or only one secret behind, this so wanted, result of a nice open crumb? I have my own theory and i think it can be simplifid down to […]

Whole grain sourdough with sprouted legums

I wanted to have a sprouted legumes flavoured bread and I developed this recipe that only requires the addition of sprouted legumes that you can find already sprouted in any super market. Sorry for the repetition of the word sprouted. I prepare my simple sourdough following my usual recipe: 100gr white flour 800 gr whole […]

10 tips for your sourdough, part 2.

We are back with the last 2 tips, number 7 And number 8, plus I want to give you an extra Tip because you showed me that you are loyal and you came back to read this. 7. Your bread burns mainly for two reasons, your temperature is too high or the actual recipe has […]

10 tips for your sourdough bread. For dummies

This article is for all of you, who at least once have encountered problems or issues with your lovely sourdough. Yes this happened to me too. I have struggled for far too many years, until I have found the right mentor. I exercised and developed new recipes upon the method and tricks he thought me. […]

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