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The power of sourdough is in the concept #sourdoughisamethodnotaflavour

The only way you make a sourdough starter,fast…

How to grow your first sourdough starter. FAST!!! I decided to reveal my most successful way to make a starter from scratch, easy, fast and organically. I’m revealing my weapons, I’m revealing my techniques. And I think what is the best way to make the culture very quickly. Not only will you learn how to […]

The secret about sourdough and the open crumb

There are so many theories talking about the perfect open crumb or the perfect sourdough recipe. But is there really only one method or only one recipe or only one secret behind, this so wanted, result of a nice open crumb? I have my own theory and i think it can be simplifid down to […]

High hydrated sourdough (85% hydro)

[wpvideo hMD3OeAJ ] People say it is easy, People say it is hard. The truth is in the middle, most of it at least. My purpose is to guide you on your way to baking, and by starting this project many people have started cultivating their passion for sourdough, and purchasing or cultivating their own […]

Sourdough starter 1.0

Here we go again, with something very important, that I love from the bottom of my heart. My grand father was a baker, and I think all his knowledge passed into my veins. I have no idea. I’ve never met him, he died before I had the chance  to ask him anything. One incredible thing […]

Gluten free, basic dough with sourdough boost.

Today, because many people are now into gluten-free bread I decided to give you, the first recipe I have developed 2 years ago, while I was playing with my gluten-free sourdough. Off course there are bakers that produce a better Gluten-free sourdough than I do, but this is simple and perfect for a beginner and […]

Sourdough for dummies

Do you want to start baking your first sourdough, and be successful straight away? Yes off course, I want- you are probably saying. I’m sick of baking bread that comes out doughy and super dense. So the only tip you need is to try the following recipe that I have developed in years of practises […]

10 tips for your sourdough, part 2.

We are back with the last 2 tips, number 7 And number 8, plus I want to give you an extra Tip because you showed me that you are loyal and you came back to read this. 7. Your bread burns mainly for two reasons, your temperature is too high or the actual recipe has […]

10 tips for your sourdough bread. For dummies

This article is for all of you, who at least once have encountered problems or issues with your lovely sourdough. Yes this happened to me too. I have struggled for far too many years, until I have found the right mentor. I exercised and developed new recipes upon the method and tricks he thought me. […]

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