The real power, hidden under layers of laziness

The necessity to write this article, comes from the fact that people are not aware of their powers. The powers they get gifted at birth. All these special skills are very often hidden from your own eyes by the environment you are living in. Your environment and family shapes your life and future. Purposes and [...]

Shine within, to shine outside.

Shine, you are a sparkle, you bright light of pure energy and love, made of love and made of blindness matter, you are the only food I'll feed my soul with. Love Being poetical it has always been a quality of mine, but today the focus is not me. It is you. You and all [...]

Leave something behind you

The glimpse has just arrived and I can't hold my self back from writing about it. I think we all need to contribute at the progress of this planet, to the health of this planet, to the love on this planet. I feel like everyone should share what they care about the most. Everyone has [...]


In this field kids are the mentors, the masters the gurus. Every adult parent can agree on this consideration, I'm 100% sure about it. I have been noticing for a long time now, how my kids persistence is a skill of great power and audacity. They never give up, they never lose attention for the [...]

21 daily quotes of wisdom. Life is meant to be lived

I want to give you my starting day reading quotes. I believe in them so profoundly. Waste no time and do what you care the most. Live a life of no regrets. Share your experiences. Believe in your dreams. Seasons keep following them self no matter what tries to stop them, live your life the [...]

The little things

Make you happy within. It's a bright light in the sky, a ripple in the water, a shooting star, a free smile, a bee flying on a rose, your children telling you that they love you, a full moon, a breeze, and a sparkling rainbow. These little things can be connected to our soul forever, [...]

Feedback addiction

We are living in a world where what counts the most is somebody else's opinion, do you find it right? Does that involve you too?If you worry about what other people think about you, you will always be the prisoner. - Lao Tsu Instead of finding the answers by ourselves, we ask for feedbacks around [...]