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The power of sourdough is in the concept #sourdoughisamethodnotaflavour

Don’t get stuck in the last moment.

A lighting has just struck me. It hit me pleasantly in the nose. I’m crying. I’m crying tears of joy because I understood what is the humanity most common problem. It is to get stuck in the last thought your mind has produced. It is to be stuck in a thought that resides in the […]

My vision

Writing is my way of leaving something in the world. A treasure, a gift for all of those who will need self-esteem, for those who are looking for happiness. My vision is bright, clear, open, kind and possible. It is possible because I believe. I believe in love, I believe in humans being kind, generous […]

The Next evolutionary step

Glimpse are the key, and being able to see your glimpse or prophecies is part of our being. Only through evolution we have learnt to understand this communication with Universe. Beings are meant to be connected and being connected means sometimes to have courage to go back to our origin. That means going back to […]

The real power, hidden under layers of laziness

The necessity to write this article, comes from the fact that people are not aware of their powers. The powers they get gifted at birth. All these special skills are very often hidden from your own eyes by the environment you are living in. Your environment and family shapes your life and future. Purposes and […]

Leave something behind you

The glimpse has just arrived and I can’t hold my self back from writing about it. I think we all need to contribute at the progress of this planet, to the health of this planet, to the love on this planet. I feel like everyone should share what they care about the most. Everyone has […]

Limitless. You are.

Have any of you ever thought to be limitless? Have you ever felt the sensation that what you are living, doing, making, it is not what you are meant to really be, do or make? Probably you are someone, though, that has achieved everything he needed, to find its inner self. If you did, indeed, […]

Change your words change your world: take action now.

Sharing something so deep is of major importance, and I am going to make it as easy as possible to understand it. I’m going to give you the knowledge to make you aware of how powerful your words can be in your day to day life, focusing on the now and understanding how it will […]

Make a difference, be different.

Everyone wants to be a super hero, and I believe that everyone who is going to read this article has at least once thought to become great or unique at what he/she does, at what we are passionate about. You’ll become great only with respect for the others and the love for what you are […]

Luck is a life style

Isn’t it? I believe so, I believe in the simple theory that says: likes attract likes. So start believing in your own luck today. You need to be grateful for what you want in advance, say thank you aloud for what you desire, anything it is, no limits are set on your desires apart of […]

What you are living now is a reflection of your action, beliefs and thoughts.

You are what you wanted to be, you have what you wanted to have. Be aware that every circumstance you are living in now is something that you have attracted to you. Your job, your house, your car, your friends, your addictions, your relationships, your partner, your fiancé, your spouse, your husband, your divorce your […]

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