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The power of sourdough is in the concept #sourdoughisamethodnotaflavour

Chapati flat bread

Are you feeling like a flat bread night? I know sometimes you watch a commercial and you craving them, o you see them at a friend house and you think, why not? That is a great idea to make CHAPATI FLAT BREAD, at home. So that happened to me and I quickly developed this recipe, […]

The black gold, charcoal Sourdough

Multigrain charcoal bread. I wanted to share with you this wonderful loaf of sourdough. A toasted or not toasted slice of this bread is the perfect match for smoked salmon, avocado, and also cured meats if you like them, such as: prosciutto, bresaola or Salami. Ingredients: 700 gr whole meal spelt flour 300 gr whole […]

10 tips for your sourdough, part 2.

We are back with the last 2 tips, number 7 And number 8, plus I want to give you an extra Tip because you showed me that you are loyal and you came back to read this. 7. Your bread burns mainly for two reasons, your temperature is too high or the actual recipe has […]

90 minutes bread rolls.

Here today I want to share the quickest way to make your own bread rolls. We all face today, very hard times, trying to serve a very good meal and finding time to produce it. But I think this recipe will change your baking life. Ingredients: 1 kg white flour 650 g like warm water […]

Don’t get stuck in the last moment.

A lighting has just struck me. It hit me pleasantly in the nose. I’m crying. I’m crying tears of joy because I understood what is the humanity most common problem. It is to get stuck in the last thought your mind has produced. It is to be stuck in a thought that resides in the […]

Torrone al cioccolato

Se c’è un dolce che amo tanto preparare nei mesi invernali e soprattutto durante il periodo Natalizio è proprio il Torrone. Dopo anni di carriera sono finalmente riuscito a mettere le mani su una delle ricette più buone che ci siano. Più facili che ci siano e più veloci che ci siano. Avremmo bisogno dei […]

Vegan Fermented cashew spread ( cheese )

Today I’m happy to share with you an amazing recipe. Done with simple ingredients, lovely as cashews and tastes very cheesy. For those vegan who miss their cheese flavour or want to eat something healthier and with more umami flavour. Ingredient: 320 gr raw cashews 600 gr water 6 gr salt 2 tbsp probiotic juice […]

Sourdough for beginners

This is a recipe that I modified a bit to meet my own flavor. A kind man has shared it  with the world. I now would love to share it with you, because it really is made with love. You will only need a fresh living sourdough starter, with its perfumes and bubbles. So once […]

Pandoro di Natale (Italian Christmas cake)

For my greatest supporters this year I want you to know that I am very grateful that you really took the time to follow this blog. I want to reward you with my latest Pandoro recipe! Ingredients first step: 70 g water 35 g strong flour (Manitoba) (12-13 g protein for 100 g of flour) […]

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