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The power of sourdough is in the concept #sourdoughisamethodnotaflavour

Shine within, to shine outside.

Shine, you are a sparkle, you bright light of pure energy and love, made of love and made of blindness matter, you are the only food I’ll feed my soul with. Love

Being poetical it has always been a quality of mine, but today the focus is not me. It is you.

You and all around you that everyday with a smile make a better world, a world of kindness, equality, hope and sincerity.

You that everyday wake up, saying thank you for everything, mentioning all the important events happened, happening, and that will happen in your physical life. You that say thanks for everything you have, you don’t have, you will have and you won’t have.

For you that believe in energy and scientifically know that the Universe can’t have and end, and for this reason you are not scared of the word death. You know that ending is not an option, you understand that this is only a passage for you into a world of living pictures, where your purpose is to leave your best advise, to be heard in a near future.

You have light within, you have energy within, you have wisdom within, make great use of these qualities, do not be afraid of giving. Do not be afraid of leaving a smile, a sparkle of your smile in people’s life.

Be unique. Be forever, leave something of you behind for everyone to see, to learn, to appreciate.

Do the work you feel you Are here for. Do what you are meant to do.

Lastly remember to use your wisdom to shine, to be the light for the people who need the sparkle of hope in their dark nights.

With love and passion


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