Sourdough Starter culture
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Sourdough Starter culture

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This organic sourdough starter is at least 15+ years old and has great results in all baking recipes. Sourdough is a concept of baking and a system, not just a flavour of sour bread. Comes with 100gr starter pack.

If you want to bake the holy Sourdough this is the perfect and main ingredients to be able to achieve the absolute perfection.

This sourdough culture his recommended to be used for all the preparation that may require dry yeast or baker yeast, for example, pizza, brioche, panettone and pandoro, Colomba, and more.

The benefits of using the sourdough culture are many and by eating baking products made with this wild yeast, you can say goodbye to bloating, and indigestion. Sourdough cultures are known for being an amazing product for those people who are a bit sensitive to gluten. With the long fermentations, some of the gluten will be eaten by the enzymes and bacteria contained into the culture.

Sourdough bread recipe will be provided along with a short “how to use” manual.

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Sourdough Starter for your Gut Benefits

Here some of the wonderful benefits of this and other  sourdough cultures:
For starters, whole grain breads contain a good amount of minerals, including potassium, phosphate, magnesium and zinc (3Trusted Source).
Unfortunately, the absorption of these minerals is limited by the presence of phytic acid, which is commonly referred to as phytate.
Phytates are considered antinutrients because they bind to minerals, reducing your body’s ability to absorb them (3Trusted Source).
Interestingly, the lactic acid bacteria found in sourdough bread lower the bread’s pH, which helps degrade phytates. This results in a bread that has a much lower phytate content than other types of bread (4).

Finally, sourdough’s longer fermentation time helps improve the flavor and texture of whole grain bread. This may make people more likely to opt for a whole grain bread, thereby promoting a higher consumption of fiber and nutrient-rich breads (4).

Wheat sourdough starter, copy space

Home made in  Australia following Italian ancient recipe

Many years ago when I was 19, my grand ma and I have tried to make my first starter, i loved it so much … This is the result i want to share with you

Organic Flour

We only want to give you best, and for this reason, even though we are not organic certified suppliers, we can definitely feel proud of only using local millers, and especially organic. We have decided to do this because we believe that organic food is much more nutritious than any other food.

Just in case….

If you have other staff to do, we can take care of giving you some of our starter and you will be able to start baking just in matter of a couple of days.


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The sourdough Culture is shipped safely into a sealed bag and it can last in those condition for  long time, up to 3 months.

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