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The power of sourdough is in the concept #sourdoughisamethodnotaflavour

My vision

Writing is my way of leaving something in the world.

A treasure, a gift for all of those who will need self-esteem, for those who are looking for happiness.

My vision is bright, clear, open, kind and possible.

It is possible because I believe. I believe in love, I believe in humans being kind, generous and lovable.

My clarity of mind makes me see my future, makes me dream about my future.

I perceive my successes. I hear people clapping and cheering because love has finally been widely understood.

Love. Real love. Unconditioned love.

Powerful thoughts are the tools, for your dreams to be conquered.

Books are the tools, for you, to learn the skills necessary to bring goodness to the humanity. The same tools can bring you to share your wisdom with the world.

Love, is your main instrument to play the sounds of the music thst will awake the people around you. Play all day. Loud and forever…

Make your music heard. Make your voice received. Make your words read. Make your thoughts understood. Make your self the ambassador of your own philosophy of kindness.

My vision is clear then. It Is possible. It Is now. I lead by example. I act aware of my dreams. I do things to bring value to this world.

Because this is the world where I live. Where I want my kids to grow. Where I want people to feel loved. Where animal are left in their environment, protected and respected. Where the water are clean. Where humanity pays an effort to deliver successes. Where people cooperate to heal this amazing planet, and our self.

I believe. We believe. They believe.

I do. We do.

They do.

With love, respect and passion

Giuseppe Nasti.

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