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My own story

Since I was a young fella ( primary school ) I have the memory that I was always kind and passionate about helping others. Especially guys who needed some extra help, young boys and girls like me that were not so fortunate.

I believed in positivity and generosity, kindness and love.

I also was very charming since the young ages ( now I’m happily married, with three beautiful children) more than charming I probably was more enthusiastic to try to charm every girl in my class room. It never worked. My luck wasn’t with me at that time.

Lets push forward the time; after few years and with the beginning of cooking school and the rising of my passion for cooking I have found my self becoming very confident whilst wearing my chef uniform and also very shy with my casual cloths on. Very very strange. But it is the truth. I became a remarkable not too bad chef in the next following 15 years, and determination, consistency and love have led me to the chef I am today.

In November 2016 I decided to start a fasting period, mostly for to achieve weight loss. With time and following an amazing Italian guru on you tube, Not only I have accomplished to lose 20 kg, but I also understood that fasting is amazing and helps for awakening of your inner being and your soul, and of course your health status. I drunk only liquids ( and not solid food at all) for 21 days in a row ( my nutrients where supplied from my juiced fruit and veggies and some teas.)

A big shift was happening in my body, mind and spirit, I also started a job which gave much more free time, for my family and my self. Having all this spare time for my self I started reading and reading and finally I started this blog.

My mind was feeling so good every time I was finishing to read a new book. At that time probably my book shelf only had kitchen books and some fiction books. Now I was starting to put on it some good motivational and self development books. I suddenly bumped into few books which were talking about law of attraction, that was another shifting point and everything started to make sense. Every thing was falling into place. But after all, not everything was going well, my marriage was almost compromised by my selfishly new life. I wasn’t caring for my loved once anymore. Until with the help of my wife and a doctor I have found the right path again. I was scared of not being able of achieving what I wanted to achieve if my family wasn’t following me deeply. But here I am now proud of all we achieved in these years of pleasures, pains, joy and reflections. And well aware that if it wasn’t for my amazing family I probably wasn’t who I now am. I understood that success is firstly inside us. It is not something that’s need to be looked around for.

As Wayne Dyer said believe it and you’ll see it. Amazing powerful simple quote.

So at the end this blog is an evolution, keeps in evolution with me, and I like it this way. I write about all I love because makes me happy. Food, mind and body travel together for me and for this reason I write the way I write. I’m sorry if something might not be correct but I am originally Italian and I lived in Australia since 2012. I’ll try my hardest to touch everyone’s heart.

I wish one day all these articles with a bit of grammatical correction will be published in a book and I hope I’ll achieve the purpose that Universe and God have planned for me with my existence on this planet.

I want to say thank you to all the people who have inspired me in all these years, I want to say thank you for all the readers who read this blog with interest, I want to say thank you to the people who never believed in me, I want to say thank you to the people who were motivating me everyday, and I want to say thank you to everyone else too.

To be continued and updated in the future.

With love and passion Giuseppe Nasti.

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