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The power of sourdough is in the concept #sourdoughisamethodnotaflavour

Make a difference, be different.

Everyone wants to be a super hero, and I believe that everyone who is going to read this article has at least once thought to become great or unique at what he/she does, at what we are passionate about. You’ll become great only with respect for the others and the love for what you are doing. Remember that you want to be remembered for your human skills not for your working skills, at the end we are all going to be soil, so better be remembered for our best. Be polite, be respectful, be lovely, be patient, and remember than once you didn’t know or act well enough for somebody else too. Our purpose is written, you’ ll just need to find your own book.

I don’t watch the news, I don’t listen to bad news, I don’t pay attention to news which speak of terrorism or fear. I use my time and my energy focusing on the good, focussing on how I can serve this amazing world. My world is run by love, and with love. This is the world where you can live too. I firmly believe in kindness and generosity. We have the power to help anyone, we have the power to make people happy, we have the power to save someone. Don’t aim to be famous and rich just to be able to have anything you want. But live for what is good, for what is fair, for the supreme justice. We live in a world where the differences are made by money and fame. How many famous people who were born in poverty somehow help pour people, pour families and pour countries. Those are the people who I follow, the people I try to copy, the people who gives as much as they can. I believe in a world of peace, generosity, love, empathy, compassion and kindness. This is going to be the world of the future, and the only instruction that you need is to follow your heart, your gut feeling, your shivers. When a doubt comes, let it go. When your ideas come, work on them and provide help and support for somebody you don’t even know, it will make you feel super well.

You now have the tools, the spiritual instruction to make a difference, be different.

You are unique. make a difference.

With love and passion

Giuseppe Nasti

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