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Luck is a life style

Isn’t it? I believe so, I believe in the simple theory that says: likes attract likes. So start believing in your own luck today.

You need to be grateful for what you want in advance, say thank you aloud for what you desire, anything it is, no limits are set on your desires apart of the limits that you set with your own mind. So if you feel lucky you will be lucky, if you feel pleased you will be pleased, if you feel healthy you will be healthy, if you feel wealthy you will be wealthy, if you feel rich you will be rich, if you feel kind you will be kind. Also if you don’t feel like this today, start anyway, you deserve better sensations and emotions.

Nothing simpler has ever been declared before. Act with love and compassion, smiling and laughing, be a visionary and attract your luck through your own beliefs. The more you’ll think about it, the more this energy will expand and reach the Universe and the quicker your luck will be manifested in your life. Give before you receive. Believe before you see. Feel it before you touch it. Imagine it before you look at it. Make your luck become a life style, as a life style I mean, be positive and grateful. Universe will provide in the right time the right gifts.

With love and passion Giuseppe Nasti

Comment below if you share the same thoughts, and if you have some more inspiring words.

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  1. “Give before you receive. Believe before you see. Feel it before you touch it. Imagine it before you look at it.” This is my favorite part of this post. It’s entirely true! I couldn’t agree more to this. You are an excellent writer, thanks for inspiring readers like me 🙂

    1. Thank you for giving me and us such a support with your reading, comments and energy

  2. totally agree on that…
    a really great article

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