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Leave something behind you

The glimpse has just arrived and I can’t hold my self back from writing about it. I think we all need to contribute at the progress of this planet, to the health of this planet, to the love on this planet.

I feel like everyone should share what they care about the most. Everyone has something which they deeply believe in and I’m talking about good things. Sharing your best skill, sharing your best and most important belief. Share what your art, your thoughts are. If you posses some knowledge which could be of wise use for anyone else, bring it out. Take I down to the table and make it accessible to everyone. Be generous with your knowledge, because what we know now is what somebody else has shared before. The generosity or the need of somebody else of wanting to share, made it easy for us to know what we know. Imaging how easier now is the find informations on internet. Everything is possible tonight with the web. Everything is even more connected, we are connected. What we are living is just a practical view of the real universe. Internet is the visible example of the unity of everything in the universe. The viewable example of the oneness. Universe.

After all how good is to contribute to the progress? How good is to have a purpose? How good is for you to never stop of adjusting your self with your own wisdom?

Experience is your wisdom. Wisdom is your experience.

Make your experiences useful for others. Little by little what you have loved and learnt in your life will make more sense to you. Everything you do is part of everything you need.

So, if you feel the burning desire to deliver something, to share something, don’t hold yourself back. Give it away, take it out. Gift it to others. Spread it around.

Your life has a reason like everything in this Universe. A reason in progression, in discovery, in peace, in kindness, in happiness.

Be free from your limitations and share what you feel. Do not set boundaries at your desires.

Good luck in your searching and sharing

With love and passion. Giuseppe Nasti

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