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The power of sourdough is in the concept #sourdoughisamethodnotaflavour

Gluten free sourdough

Here is my amazing story, I’ve been craving to be able to create a super bubbly sourdough for years, and finally and surprisingly, I have managed to achieve what I had in my mind.

I want to give you my first recipe.

  • 7 gr psyllium husk
  • 350 gr water
  • 150 gr rice flour
  • 25 gr corn flour
  • 30 gr potato starch
  • 200 gr sourdough Starter
  • 10 gr Himalayan salt

Mix all the dry ingredient together into a bowl without the salt.

Add the water and the starter and mix until it gets combined all together. Rest the sticky dough for 30 minutes.

At this point it’s time to add the salt.

When the mixture will double in size start folding as a normal high hydrated bread process.

Repeat the folding 2 times and then place into the banneton or proving baskets to proof for 12 hours at room temperature.

Bake at 220 Celsius for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Rest for few hours and enjoy it. The bread will result with a nice thick crunchy crust and a nice soft and moist crumb.[youtube]

With love and passion you can achieve great results.

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Giuseppe Nasti


  1. Sharon Overfield

    When you say sourdough in the recipe do you mean the starter??

    1. Yes it is the starter, and all the flours

    2. What is in your starter?

      1. Rice, corn, buckwheat, amaranth and tapioca.

      2. My starter is the natural yeast that I use to start the fermentation and proving.

      3. It’s made with white flour and whole meal rye

  2. Sharon Overfield

    Last question, when do you add the salt in? It says to add everything but the salt. Never states when to put it in.
    The recipe really looks good just trying to understand it
    Thank you!

    1. So thank you for your comment. The salt needs to be add at the end after 10 minutes of mixing.

  3. Sharon Overfield

    Is there any way you can make these directions a tad bit clearer??? I don’t think I’m doing this correctly.

    1. Please contact me on my messenger as Giuseppe Joe Nasti or on my Facebook page Healthynastikitchen , I will be very happy to be able to help you. I am looking forward to understand your issues and try to fix them.

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