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The power of sourdough is in the concept #sourdoughisamethodnotaflavour

Expect, nothing from anyone, but from yourself.

I’ve grown up, young and strong into this body, and I still am, but one thing hasn’t changed. I expect things only from my self, everything else that comes from other sources (people, relatives and friends) it is just a plus. I don’t live my life expecting something from others.

Expectation is that Ego muppet who feeds on your hope of receiving something from someone else other than your self.

What drives us to that unnecessary feeling of needing to receive something from out there?

Honestly I have no idea. But here is my experience coming from a pour family because of debts I have never expect anything. Was a very good lesson for my adulthood. I’m glad I was born in not such as a wealthy family. I’m not saying that wealthy families don’t have generosity, though.

I’ve been living my life only expecting things from my self, not wishing to receive presents, but instead making clear that if I want something I have to get it my self. Honestly, been so truely honest and crude to my self has helped me being more aware of my emotions. Practically if I don’t receive a present or a compliment I don’t get frustrated, but if I receive it I’m just as happy as a normal human being.

Who is not happy receiving something? Everyone is! So would’ t be easier living a life of surprises? Without expectations?

Working in the hospitality business, and having been able to work along the side of truely artists and talented chef, I have seen so many colleagues and heard of so many colleagues falling in depression only for results, complaints, and unsatisfactory feedbacks. I want a world free of judgement and expectation.

Here I am supporting my beliefs of concentrating more on your journey, doing what you do best, believing in what you are putting out there, believing in the product that you are delivering, analysing everyday your effort for success, and evaluating if you are giving enough of your self out there. These are the thing you should expect, and you are the one who should give them. Practise the art of positive attitude in every situation that drives you down, that makes you angry, in every circumstance that makes you feel frustrated. Look after te good, that is everywhere around you, I repeat you just need to believe.

You can’t expect anything from others if you first don’t give things to others. The art of “nourishing” the people around your self is hard to achieve, but only requires patience, discipline and willingness to help. Selfishly helping others or being generous to others helps you.

Finally, try to be less requesting, but instead more rewarding towards others, appreciate the little efforts that everyone achieve everyday. Try to love in a positive environment, create a positive environment. You have the power.

You are the power.

With love and passion

Giuseppe Nasti

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