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The power of sourdough is in the concept #sourdoughisamethodnotaflavour

Cooking not cooking

It’s very hard being vegan or vegetarian  or omnivorous and trying to get the most and the best out of your diet. Starting feeding your self with vegan or vegetarian  style requires dedication, knowledge and creativity. 

Nourishment becomes the main part of it, and it should be for the rest of your life. What we put inside our body is not only fuel, it is also the base of our being, we are what we eat, we become what we eat, and for this reason we should be aware of what we fill up our amazing spiritual body with.
I’ve tried many times to change my diet and   Being aware of it. But only with vegetarian and vegan raw food diet I have satisfied  my palate and my soul. I feel so good after a proper meal with all its benefits:

  • Full of energy
  • Ready to start another chapter of the day
  • Rested 
  • Satisfied 
  • Nourished

All this sensations make me understand every day that the path of eating raw is a very good approach to food.

I believe our diet should be based at  least  80% on raw food. Eating raw is a clever way of using money and time. No more cooking, no more frying, no more boiling, no more baking. Imagine how less will you consume in energy in a year. Imagine how well the planet would get if we’ll start eating most of our food raw. That’s another way of this planet to make you understand that all we need is already there and we don’t need to make magic twigs or tricks around it to make it more appealing.

What are the foods that you can eat raw?

Mainly fruit with its high fructose percentage, and highly support in water, high content in good bacteria and enzymes is the most complete food.

To follow, we have the greens, any greens especially those that you can grow your self or forage around fields and bushes. Foraging is one of the most amazing thing to do. Pick, taste and bring home and eat. I personally love it. You find plants to Forage on beaches, in the bush, in fields, in country regions, on the hills and in mountains, every location has something precious for us. We just need to learn which are the plants that you can eat. I helped my self by buying books that teach you how to reckognise edible plants, fruits, berries, grass and trees. Here you have few suggestions:


Warrigal greens

Sea rocket 

Just to pictures a few.
Imagine how indigenous and aboriginals have lived thousands and thousands of years ago. They were foraging and haunting. But most of their alimentation was based of picking and foraging fruit and vegetables. Berries and nuts. Haunting used to require team work, lots of energy losses and sometimes also some death. 
So we should follow our nature, maybe we should go back few centuries and remember what meant to be connected with nature.

It is so natural to do not cook vegetables and fruit, I personally think that the cooking of fruit and vegetables has been introduced only for preserving purposes, like tomato salsa, tomato paste, jam, confetture, marmalade, compot etc. 

Try for a month to introduce to your diet 50% more of raw vegetables and fruit. You’ll find your self more energetic, more hydrated, more rested, more active, more concentrate, more focused. The no good part of it will be only that you’ll start going to the toilet regularly.

Check also for advise:

With love and health Giuseppe Nasti

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