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Chocolate nougat

If there is a dessert that I love so much to prepare in the winter months and especially during the Christmas time it is the Nougat. After years of career I finally managed to get my hands on one of the best recipes there are. Easier and faster than you can think.

We would need the following


  • egg whites 75 g
  • Sugar525 gr
  • Water 18 gr
  • Glucose 135 gr
  • Honey 375 gr
  • 450 gr dark chocolate 66%
  • 125 gr candied orange
  • 125 gr pistachio
  • 100 gr almonds
  • 150 gr hazelnut
  • 150 dried cherries
  • 2 packs rice paper


Put sugar, glucose and water in a saucepan, put honey in another. Put the egg whites in the planetary ready to be assembled. Toast the nuts and keep them warm, then chop the fruit coarsely. Bring the saucepan with the sugar and its contents to 145 degrees Celsius, as soon as it reaches 120 degrees Celsius bring honey to 130. When the honey reaches the temperature of 125 degrees, operate the planetary. You really need a mixer otherwise is going to be very hard for you to work the nougat. A s soon as the above mentioned syrups reaches the pre-established temperatures, pour them into the egg whites and create an Italian meringue. Do not be afraid to cook the egg whites, if the car goes fast it will not happen. Add the chocolate when it is still hot and then the nuts kept warm. Lastly the candies. Spread a baking sheet covered with sheets of rice, and cover with others. I recommend to grease y your hands together with nut seed oil to help you roll out the nougat with rice. Press it to cool for 12 hour s. Cut the nougat into a desired shape and store it in a dry place.

Giuseppe Nasti

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