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The power of sourdough is in the concept #sourdoughisamethodnotaflavour

The Art of falling forward

I still remember clearly the day my mom tried to remember me that every time I fall, I should land on my hand, and that means forward. It was the first time I have practically learnt the Art of Falling forward. When you fail it is all about perception and acceptance. It is all about […]

Forgiving: the divine gift

Forgiveness is a skill, and all skills needs practise to be performed very well, at the top level. The art of forgiving is such an important action; selfishly, not only to be proud of, but also to put your pride aside. Sometimes it’s nice the over come your perceptions of defeat because you don’t like […]

Pizza with sourdough

Sometimes I also like to share my recipes, I find sharing such an important thing in my life. Sharing is something that I consider unique. That the way to get to be remembered. Today it’s time for my pizza recipe. Ingredients: 1000 g plain or whole meal flour 100gr sourdough starter 600 g water 12,5 […]

Make a difference, be different.

Everyone wants to be a super hero, and I believe that everyone who is going to read this article has at least once thought to become great or unique at what he/she does, at what we are passionate about. You’ll become great only with respect for the others and the love for what you are […]

Consistency is the path to greatness and trust.

Consistency equals discipline. Discipline equals success. Consistency, discipline, focus, passion, respect, love and gratefulness equal Legacy. That is what you are aiming for: Legacy. Disciplines, focus and consistency are the most important skills you need to write on your agenda. From now on keep in mind that if you want to create and achieve your […]

In-finitely us

I’m Proud to write this piece, and you can agree or not. I write from my heart. It all begun the day I started to believe about this simple idea, the idea that nothing is impossible and that we are eternal beings. That day my fear of death disappeared. Simple as 1+1 I understood that […]

Allow the river to flow to the sea

Summaries: one day we are all meant to give our waters to the see. Our physical body will flow in the river, and our souls will be free to return back to source. It is as simple as that, my point of view. If we imagine our self as water and like water I mean, […]

Natural soft drinks or chemical Soft drinks dilemma

I have drunk so many soft drinks in my teenager life and in my twenties, that I really feel guilty to have put so much stress on my body. Soft drinks are good only for one reason, who produces them. And clean the coins that are into the tips jars on the pub benches. They […]

What you are living now is a reflection of your action, beliefs and thoughts.

You are what you wanted to be, you have what you wanted to have. Be aware that every circumstance you are living in now is something that you have attracted to you. Your job, your house, your car, your friends, your addictions, your relationships, your partner, your fiancé, your spouse, your husband, your divorce your […]

What you save is more important than what you earn

A friend of mine, 16 years ago said to me proudly: – it’s not how much you earn that counts, but rather how much you save that makes the difference. I can remember his words as it was today. I’m sure he knows that I’m talking about him. If you earn 50.000,00$ or 10.000.000,00$ a […]

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