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The power of sourdough is in the concept #sourdoughisamethodnotaflavour

Baking 101.

Today’s post is of major importance for all new bakers, beginners and people who are thinking to get floury and start baking professionally or at home. I wanted to share with you a fantastic post that I read couple of days ago, and it really reminded of all my past failures and most recent successes. […]

COLOMBA, the Italian sweet Easter bread, like a Panettone.

Many people have asked me to share my Colomba recipe and now after a week since I first baked it, this year I feel confident enough to share it with you. I’ve baked 3 of them with the recipe that I will give you, so it will be enough for many people. I’m sure you […]

The only way you make a sourdough starter,fast…

How to grow your first sourdough starter. FAST!!! I decided to reveal my most successful way to make a starter from scratch, easy, fast and organically. I’m revealing my weapons, I’m revealing my techniques. And I think what is the best way to make the culture very quickly. Not only will you learn how to […]

The secret about sourdough and the open crumb

There are so many theories talking about the perfect open crumb or the perfect sourdough recipe. But is there really only one method or only one recipe or only one secret behind, this so wanted, result of a nice open crumb? I have my own theory and i think it can be simplifid down to […]

Rye sourdough, the most successful recipe.

I have been practising this recipe for a while now. I came to the conclusion that Rye is a very tasty bread. It is healthy and it has a very long shelf life. So for my bread you will need 2 days st least, First day, to be done in the morning . Ingredients: 1000 […]

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