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The power of sourdough is in the concept #sourdoughisamethodnotaflavour

Just in case. Preorder

Finally, this book paperback can also be preordered for a higher discount of 25% until the end of April. Aus$20.00 for you, because you are a loyal follower. Send me your email and you’ll receive the next step to follow. Use this contact to send your details: [email protected] Check also this Facebook link. Enjoy your […]

Just in Case, the 📖

Hello everybody and welcome to 2019. This year it is a year of amazing achievements and long term goals preparation. I’ve started this year with the publishing of my first motivational book called ‘Just in Case’. Here I want to gift you with a sample of my book because you have been so faithful, patient […]

My vision

Writing is my way of leaving something in the world. A treasure, a gift for all of those who will need self-esteem, for those who are looking for happiness. My vision is bright, clear, open, kind and possible. It is possible because I believe. I believe in love, I believe in humans being kind, generous […]

The Next evolutionary step

Glimpse are the key, and being able to see your glimpse or prophecies is part of our being. Only through evolution we have learnt to understand this communication with Universe. Beings are meant to be connected and being connected means sometimes to have courage to go back to our origin. That means going back to […]

The real power, hidden under layers of laziness

The necessity to write this article, comes from the fact that people are not aware of their powers. The powers they get gifted at birth. All these special skills are very often hidden from your own eyes by the environment you are living in. Your environment and family shapes your life and future. Purposes and […]


In this field kids are the mentors, the masters the gurus. Every adult parent can agree on this consideration, I’m 100% sure about it. I have been noticing for a long time now, how my kids persistence is a skill of great power and audacity. They never give up, they never lose attention for the […]

The little things

Make you happy within. It’s a bright light in the sky, a ripple in the water, a shooting star, a free smile, a bee flying on a rose, your children telling you that they love you, a full moon, a breeze, and a sparkling rainbow. These little things can be connected to our soul forever, […]

Take your chances

Take your chances and don’t regret that you didn’t. Be courageous, don’t hesitate, trust your self. Universe gives you the things that you need for the dreams that you desire, but if you don’t take your chances you’ll be forgotten by your own waiting gift. Taking chances means to be able to understand the Universe […]

Butterfly wisdom

This article is based on a true story, a small fragment of my life today 6/3/2018, I was driving toward an amazing day of my life. A day of passion and understanding. I was thinking about how animals are able to enjoy the moment, how they can be no worried about tomorrow, how they are […]

Limitless. You are.

Have any of you ever thought to be limitless? Have you ever felt the sensation that what you are living, doing, making, it is not what you are meant to really be, do or make? Probably you are someone, though, that has achieved everything he needed, to find its inner self. If you did, indeed, […]

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