Dairy free chocolate hot cross buns.

I personally love them, I love the smell, the texture and the sweet flavour of a nice freshly baked hot cross bun. Do you? I made my version today, dairy free, whole meal and with chocolate. You can personalise yours just as you like them. Simple and easy make them the night ready for the [...]


Pizza with sourdough

Sometimes I also like to share my recipes, I find sharing such an important thing in my life. Sharing is something that I consider unique. That the way to get to be remembered. Today it's time for my pizza recipe. Ingredients: 1000 g plain or whole meal flour 100gr sourdough starter 600 g water 12,5 [...]

Sourdough for beginners

This is a recipe that I modified a bit to meet my own flavor. A kind man has shared it  with the world. I now would love to share it with you, because it really is made with love. You will only need a fresh living sourdough starter, with its perfumes and bubbles. So once [...]

Pandoro di Natale (Italian Christmas cake)

For my greatest supporters this year I want you to know that I am very grateful that you really took the time to follow this blog. I want to reward you with my latest Pandoro recipe! Ingredients first step: 70 g water 35 g strong flour (Manitoba) (12-13 g protein for 100 g of flour) [...]

Chocolate and apricot brioche

Chocolate and apricot brioche

To start this amazing brioche you need love And love and love. I love to eat this amazing bread with my cashew cheese, but you can enjoy it as you prefer. Ingredients: 1000gr strong flour 50 gr milk 12 eggs 50 gr sugar 28 gr salt 50 gr dry yeast or 350 gr sourdough starter [...]

Gluten free sourdough

Gluten free sourdough

Here is my amazing story, I've been craving to be able to create a super bubbly sourdough for years, and finally and surprisingly, I have managed to achieve what I had in my mind. I want to give you my first recipe. 7 gr psyllium husk 350 gr water 150 gr rice flour 25 gr [...]

Quick sour dough

So let's get straight down to business, I'm sure that most of you will try this quick and amazing recipe. How many of you would like to surprise their guest with that amazing smell of bakery, when they come over for lunch, bbq or dinner. So I decided that I want to share my Recipe [...]