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The power of sourdough is in the concept #sourdoughisamethodnotaflavour

La pinza triestina, fatta, con il lievito madre

La pinza Triestina e’ un classico pane dolce pasquale simile ad una brioche, ma viene, in questo caso fatto con il lievito madre. Come il nome suggerisce questa prelibatezza del Nord Italia viene fatta e prodotta sopratutto nella Venezia giulia, e specialmente nel territorio carsico Triestino. Questa preparazione viene anche trovata nelle zone limitrofe come […]

Hanna Dela Cruz, sharing the heritage through baking

A couple of weeks ago I had the honor to interview Hannah Dela Cruz, she is an amazing baker, and during our interview for The “Healthy Nasti kitchen podcast,” we shared our perspectives on baking. Let’s meet our guest today… It was amazing to understand her purpose behind the building of her blog, and I […]

Baking 101.

Today’s post is of major importance for all new bakers, beginners and people who are thinking to get floury and start baking professionally or at home. I wanted to share with you a fantastic post that I read couple of days ago, and it really reminded of all my past failures and most recent successes. […]

COLOMBA, the Italian sweet Easter bread, like a Panettone.

Many people have asked me to share my Colomba recipe and now after a week since I first baked it, this year I feel confident enough to share it with you. I’ve baked 3 of them with the recipe that I will give you, so it will be enough for many people. I’m sure you […]

The only way you make a sourdough starter,fast…

How to grow your first sourdough starter. FAST!!! I decided to reveal my most successful way to make a starter from scratch, easy, fast and organically. I’m revealing my weapons, I’m revealing my techniques. And I think what is the best way to make the culture very quickly. Not only will you learn how to […]

Vanessa Kimbell, the lady-baker that unified science and sourdough

I would like to start by saying that the interview that I’m going to share with you today has made me change the way I look at sourdough very deeply. I knew it was a very good craft but what I’ve learnt through this chat with Vanessa is out of this world. I am so […]

Catherine the sourdough-art-ist.

45 years of experience and service to the art of baking Catherine is a wonderful woman that lives in Vancouver, in Canada and her craft is influenced by her European Heritage and by her Economic teacher. She started cooking very young, at the age of 13. Year after year the experience grows and widens in […]

Catherine the home baker

Giuseppe decided to find the 50 best bakers around the world that have decided in the past to exposes them selves on the social media platforms, and become really influential or showing great effort and determinations and discipline into their life, baking and cooking. With this first interview starts a new chapter into our website, […]

Home made pizza al taglio.

This homemade recipe is perfect for professionals and home cooks, Adaptable to suit any environment. I love it because the results are consistently positive. My customer love it, I think you are going to love it too. Let’s start by making the polish the day before, better in the late morning, so that it can […]

Chocolate nougat

If there is a dessert that I love so much to prepare in the winter months and especially during the Christmas time it is the Nougat. After years of career I finally managed to get my hands on one of the best recipes there are. Easier and faster than you can think. We would need […]

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