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Analyse, supervise,realise.

Have you ever analysed the past 10 years of your existence? Is there anything that you have now, that makes you happy? Are you proud of how far you have come? Have you enjoined your journey? Have you been scared? Have you been excited? Have you had doubts? Have you felt clarity? Have you felt guided by other forces?

All this questions lead to my topic today, which is: Analyse, supervise, realise. Are you aware that your path ( your destiny) is already written and we are able to change the view, the surrounding and the perception of it? Are you aware that everything is meant to be like it is and like it had happened? Are you aware that you all have a purpose to serve on this marvellous planet? Are you aware that everything you lived and you are living is taking you where you belong? Are you aware that with love and positivity you can achieve the greatest things? Are you aware that following your heart you are never wrong? Are you aware that supervising your life today you are able to take a step forward to your dream, your purpose?

I want to start by talking about the hardest moment that occur in everyone’s life. The apparently perceived worst moments and circumstances you have ever lived in your life, I believe as a spiritual speaker and writer, that in the hardest moment we become stronger and more conscious. The hard moments are important teachers, practical examples on how to avoid those mistakes again. Allow your self to welcome all these issues with a positive attitude, and you’ll be able to handle them in the right and simplest way possible.

More important is to understand that without mistakes, errors and painful moments we wouldn’t be who we are now, we wouldn’t have the wisdom that we have now.

I hope I made it clear enough that next time you’ll receive a bad news or you make an error or a mistake, you have the strength within you to jump over the obstacle, to face the problem and solve it, knowing that after that period you will have achieved new skills and new layers of protection around your mind and soul, you will have created a thicker skin or armour. Your mind will be able to tackle the problem and avoid the occurrence of it again.

Analyse your past now and be grateful for the hard times you’ve lived.

Analyse your present moment now, and realise that what you are living now, it is what it is, it is the Right path to your purpose, and all you need is within you, we are all born with a baggage, in this baggage we have got: strength, faith, knowledge and sixth sense. All these quality with time will summarise into one word, wisdom. Once wisdom is achieved you will understand that what you know is nothing compare to the amount of information that we can know.

Wisdom is knowing and accepting that you don’t know, and sharing this belief.

After this accomplishment we achieve a next level of awareness and it is believing and feeling the power of Universe. What you need and what you want is there, yielded for you from the higher Universe. Universe is always here, to guide us, to inspire us, to surprise us and to reward us. Believe in his power.

If you have analysed your past life and your present, and you have accepted and acknowledged all of it, you are ready to go forward. You are ready to realise that your freedom, your mental and spiritual freedom is always been within you, you might have always looked outside, but it was always inside you, it resides into your heart, your heart is the only speaker you have to listen, the only music which is going to stimulate your senses. Your heart is the rhythm your body follows when In love. Be deep in love for the rest of your life, make happiness the reason of your life, make happiness become your state of mind, believe in your quality and skills and if you still don’t believe in your self, remember that Universe loves you, believes in you, and guides you in every action you make.

Act with love. It is only with love that you are going to see the signs that Universe will show you, to make your way to your realisation.

I feel really deeply in love at the moment and these are probably the most profound and lovely words I have written in the last year. Coming directly from my heart and probably directed by my greater teacher Universe. This has been the easier piece of knowledge I have written.

With lots of love and passion

Giuseppe Nasti

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