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Allow the river to flow to the sea

Summaries: one day we are all meant to give our waters to the see. Our physical body will flow in the river, and our souls will be free to return back to source.

It is as simple as that, my point of view. If we imagine our self as water and like water I mean, rain, rivers, oceans, lakes, streams, ice and steam, we all follow a circle of life, and at the end we all go back to the source which is water; to be more precise I am talking about energy.

This idea makes it clear. Anywhere you are or any physical state you are in, you won’t change your destination or your nature, if you are meant to be a lecturer, a chef, a soccer player, a scientist, a doctor, a priest, a naturopath, a lawyer, and so on and you will follow your flow, you will get there where you deserve. You will attract it to you, working hard and following your life. Keep believing in it.

We are basically field of energy vibrating at different levels and different frequency, every frequency attracts the same frequency, every frequency determines different situations, different objects, different people, different job different relationships.

We are born as energy. We live as energy and we go back where we come as energy. While you are on this planet, live it and enjoy it. That is why I believe we are ethereal eternal being. Physically we can disappear, but energetically our soul will create something new, our energy can’t go anywhere. As quantum physicists say energy cannot be created and cannot be destroyed. Understand it and allow your self to flow in the direction that you want to go, that you deserve to walk, that you dream to achieve.

Allow the river to flow to the see, practically means: don’t try to force things, accept the circumstances you are living in, be grateful for what you have, allow people to come and go in your life, and as a river does, it’ll never stop its way to the sea, no rocks are big enough to stop is flow, so is your chief aim, your dream, your desire.

So keep walking with the flow and enjoy the journey.

With love and passion Giuseppe Nasti

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