Our aim is

To share my love for healthy food, baking, vegan food, philosophy and spirituality. To give you healthy philosophy and healthy ways of nourishing your body and your mind. I want to feel free to be my self .


Your mind and your stomach are one thing. That work for the best of us. Giving us mental energy and physic energy.I also want to create a safe way of nourishing our body and in the same time my love for gourmet food wants me to prepare something homemade and healthier. I not only have a passion for food I also love positivity, Kindness, body and spirit and well being. I feel very lucky that in these days we are able to share information and to learn new knowledge through social media, Internet and television, it is important to let the people know what is good and what is bad. I focus on the good knowing that the bad can always be around the corner, that’s why it is important to believe in good and be positive. The more we are, the more this planet will be able to help us. Energy cannot be limited, a big wave of people who is believing in this is making a “GOOD TSUNAMI” around the world. Be positive. It might look difficult at the beginning but its just apperance, follow me, trust me and you’ll love it like I do.

Be positive. With love and passion

Giuseppe Nasti

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