The black gold, charcoal Sourdough

Multigrain charcoal bread.

I wanted to share with you this wonderful loaf of sourdough. A toasted or not toasted slice of this bread is the perfect match for smoked salmon, avocado, and also cured meats if you like them, such as: prosciutto, bresaola or Salami.


  • 700 gr whole meal spelt flour
  • 300 gr whole meal flour or my personal mix
  • 10 gr activated charcoal powder
  • 650-720 gr water
  • 300 gr mixed seeds
  • 125 gr sourdough starter
  • 22 gr fine table sea salt
  • 10 gr malt ( not essential)


Start by mixing water, seeds, malt, charcoal powder and the starter.

Let it rest for 10 minutes then add the flours and start mixing. When the ingredients are well mixed into an unique mass/dough, wrap it and leave it to rest for ten minutes.

At this point add the salt and knead the dough as long as 5 minutes and make sure that the salt has been distributed evenly.

Rest it for another 20 minutes. Procede with the folding of the dough for at least 4 times every 20 minutes. Once this time has passed, put it into the fridge and bulk proof overnight.

The day after take it out and bring it to room temperature, portion it into 2 equals balls and shape it to your preference.

Proof it until it doubles in size and bake at 230°C for about 30 minutes. Add some steam if you can.

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Take care Giuseppe Nasti

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