10 tips for your sourdough bread. For dummies

This article is for all of you, who at least once has encountered problems or issues with your lovely sourdough.

Yes this happened to me too. I have struggled for far too many years, until I have found the right mentor.

I exercised and developed new recipes upon the method and tricks he thought me.

I read too many times about people, that have issues with their sour dough. Some of these issues are:

  1. Sourdough starter not sour enough
  2. My bread doesn’t rise enough
  3. My bread doesn’t prove
  4. My bread doesn’t get coloured
  5. My bread has not air pockets
  6. My dough is too runny
  7. My bread burns before it gets cooked
  8. My bread is very doughy.

These are the most common problems that I have found around in my 19 years of experience.

Today I want to give you an answer to all of the above problems.

  1. The sour dough starter doesn’t get acidic or sour because of age. That is a myth. It gets sour because it develops more lactobacillus. Lactobacillus are better developed when the starter doesn’t get fed often. For example it gets sour when you feed it every 2 days.
  2. The most important thing when you prepare sourdough bread is that the bread reaches around 24°-26° when you have finished mixing or kneading. If you don’t reach those temperature it will be very hard for the starter to begin the fermentation.
  3. Your bread doesn’t prove because of mainly two reasons- the first one is as above and the second one that you probably do not use enough starter. As a baker we usually use a very hight proportion of starter when we produce sourdough bread between 60% to 110% depending on the result that we want to obtain.
  4. Your bread doesn’t colour up because of the amount of sugar that is contained into the flour. To fix this problem just add 10% malt into the recipe.
  5. Your bread does not have air pockets because it simply has not enough hydration ( to be able to obtain a nice open crumb your recipe requires at least 68%/80% of water) Than the folding will be easier and effective.
  6. Your dough is runny for one only reason, the flour that you are using is not strong enough and that means that the protein amount is too low. When you do high hydrated doughs you need at least 12-13 gr of protein for 100gr of flour.

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Take care Giuseppe Nasti

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