Hnk premium cookery

Hnk premium cookery

I want to share with you today, my decision of opening my own online business.

I always wanted to have something personal, something new, something different.

I am a chef, and I have been a chef since the age of 14. I am now 32, and it has been quite a journey for me.

Cooking has always been my obsession, my love, my priority. Until I have built my family. Honestly if it wasn’t for my wife, I wouldn’t be who I am now, and I want to acknowledge this point.

Recently I was studying and searching what I could possibly do to give some time off to my wife, being such a mum for the last 10 years, it is not being easy for her, growing the kids practically by her self while I was working. Always working and stressed about working.

I thought, I need to work less and more efficiently, so I decided to shorten my working hours and requested to start working casual. What happened then was magical. Time makes you think clearly and being rested helps a lot. I had time to think about something different, new, something I have never had time for.

I then decided to start my online business, and guess what? She made me read the article that sparkled my fire. If it wasn’t for her I wasn’t here today, I probably wasn’t a father or even the chef that I am now.

I want, so, with my Hnk Premium Cookery give the thousands of chefs around the world the possibility, to basically grow their own inventory and for restaurant’s owners to give their team the best quality with less money.

This is our aim, use the internet to deliver great value, great product, and give the chefs and the home cooks and the mums and the grand mas, what they need to prepare those delicious creations.

Please make sure you subscribe to our mail list to receive the latest recipes and info.

Cook with love and create with you heart.

Take care.

Giuseppe Nasti

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