Beetroot sourdough

Why not to be fancy sometimes?

Ingredients :

  • 495 gr Beetroot purée
  • 330 gr sourdough
  • 175 gr water
  • 15 gr salt
  • 1000 g bakers flour
  • 1 gr dry yeast ( not essential just for boosting)
  • 50 gr olive oil
  • Preparation
  • First step to do is to feed the starter:
  • Mix 330 gr of starter with 175 gr of water and 175 gr of baker flour, to be taken from the main recipe.
  • Mix it roughly and let prove for about 2-3 hours or until this first dough start to bubble.
  • Next step is to prepare the the autolyse of the rest of the flour, the salt and the Beetroot purée. Mix into your dough machine for at least 8 minutes on speed 1.
  • After at least 40 minutes of rest of the autolyse , and if the starter shows any sign of activity, it’s one to mix the 2 composts together.
  • Knead for about 15 minutes then rest in a bulk container for about 2 hours, folding it at least every 15 minutes.
  • Now would be time to shape it and put it into 3 banneton ( sourdough proving baskets) Keep in the fridge for about 7-12 hours.
  • Turn on the oven, put on the bottom of it a tray filled with water, and set the temperature to 250° c.
  • If you have a stone tray or baking tray, heat it up properly and flip the bread onto the stone and bake for about 35-45 minutes or until on the bottom the bread sounds hollow.
  • Is case it is crunchy, smell it, but make sure you rest it enough before you’ll slice it.
  • With love, passion and respect
  • Take Care
  • Giuseppe Nasti

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