The Next evolutionary step

Glimpse are the key, and being able to see your glimpse or prophecies is part of our being. Only through evolution we have learnt to understand this communication with Universe.

Beings are meant to be connected and being connected means sometimes to have courage to go back to our origin.

That means going back to be connected with nature flow.

Evolution of the species

Human Sapiens Sapiens

I believe and I feel that our future will be bright. Humans are leaving an amazing time of awakening, awakening deeply. We are awakening our consciousness, we are developing gifts we only believed possible in movies and cartoons.

There is people round the world who are healing themselves and others through the only power of thoughts and positivity, using mind, energy, wisdom and belief.

We are meant to be the protectors of this wonderful planet. We are finally taking possession of our strengths and we are understanding what is really important.

Selfishness or kindness

Kindness is taking over the world with power and it is touching the hearts and soul of billions of people.

Being kind and connected is the future, selfishness and anger is slowly leaving decreasing and respect and love are picking up in our society. Eastern beliefs are being spread around from believers, gurus and masters, and it is all for the good.

Remembering our origins is the dogma.

With love, respect and a dream

Giuseppe Nasti

photo credits to the owner.

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