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The power of sourdough is in the concept #sourdoughisamethodnotaflavour

The real power, hidden under layers of laziness

The necessity to write this article, comes from the fact that people are not aware of their powers. The powers they get gifted at birth. All these special skills are very often hidden from your own eyes by the environment you are living in. Your environment and family shapes your life and future. Purposes and […]

Multigrain,pumpkin seed and Linseed bread (polish based)

Amazing bread form soups, breakfast and lunch as a quick sandwich. Ingredients: 500gr wholemeal flour finely blended 500 gr strong flour 200 gr soaked seeds(pumpkin, Linseed, chia seed, oat) 800 gr water 10 gr dried yeast 20 gr salt 20 gr olive oil 20 gr rice malt ( not essential) Preparation: First of all in […]

Shine within, to shine outside.

Shine, you are a sparkle, you bright light of pure energy and love, made of love and made of blindness matter, you are the only food I’ll feed my soul with. Love Being poetical it has always been a quality of mine, but today the focus is not me. It is you. You and all […]

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