In this field kids are the mentors, the masters the gurus. Every adult parent can agree on this consideration, I’m 100% sure about it.

I have been noticing for a long time now, how my kids persistence is a skill of great power and audacity. They never give up, they never lose attention for the objective, they aim always at the target until, tired and weakened by their persistence, we give up and they, somehow, win what they wanted.

We all know how Having a Persistent child is annoying and tiring for us parents, listening all day to all they want that we believe Is so unnecessarily not important. But it is such an amazing skill to posses. The determination shown when you are persistent is something unique. No matter what circumstance you are in when you are persistent you achieve what you want. So I have learnt, from my children how to obtain what you want. Not only working hard for it, but also being persistent.

So my positive vocabulary, with this action, has a new word, a word of such power, intensity and consistency has added a new level to my goals achievement method. If I have to write a manual for success, which I am, I’m definitely going to write about persistence.

If I want to explain to you visually how I see persistence materially, I would say that the Sun is the thing that remembers me it the most. The Sun’s never ending action of light up our sky and warm our planet up, has helped this planet to develop. Develop from little cell on the ocean to a society of loving and caring humans. With persistence the Sun has given us life, food and dreams.

I dream of people like me, with persistence determination and dreams, helping this planet, this world to get where it belongs, where balance of kindness, love and generosity are abundant, and accessible to everyone.

It is just matter of time, until we are able to see a kind world.

With passion, persistence and love

Giuseppe Nasti

(Photo credit to the owner)

2 thoughts on “Persistence

  1. Having known you for a few years now, I must say that you already knew this. You are very driven and determined and I bet you’re kids will be 10% more persistent than their master.

    Lovely message. Please keep them coming.

    Stan xx

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  2. Yes indeed Giuseppe – perseverance by chipping away daily at what one is working towards and basically what one values leads to a sense of accomplishment! 🌠

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