Chocolate ganache

I just happened to make a chocolate ganache for a wedding tomorrow and I wanted to share my recipe, quick, easy and cheap.

Really the easiest as, it just took me probably 5-7 minutes to prepare it, taste it and wrap it.


  • 300 gr sour cream or thickened cream
  • 300 gr 70% dark chocolate
  • 20 gr honey
  • 30 gr coconut oil


It is real simple and efficient; bring the sour cream to boil gently over a low flame.

Weight into a bowl the honey and the broken or chopped chocolate. Pour the boiling sour cream onto the chocolate and start stirring, once it is all melted and glossy add the coconut oil. If you have a thermometer check the temperature it should be around 40 degrees Celsius.

Once everything is mixed together set a little piece of cling wrap on top and let rest for 12 hours. If you want you can also store it in the fridge. Enjoy it guys

Perfect for cakes filling, shortcrust and shortbread topping, I use it for my macaron. Simple and easy

Good luck with this attempt and let me know if you find it easy.

With passion and love

Giuseppe Nasti

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