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The power of sourdough is in the concept #sourdoughisamethodnotaflavour

Dairy free chocolate hot cross buns.

I personally love them, I love the smell, the texture and the sweet flavour of a nice freshly baked hot cross bun. Do you? I made my version today, dairy free, whole meal and with chocolate. You can personalise yours just as you like them. Simple and easy make them the night ready for the […]

Get “High” for Real

Experience made me think a lot about how to write down this piece of information. I’m sure that ancient Indians of America know the right way to use natural substances and plants to get high. I’m sure that they were really able to connect themselves with deep consciousness to Universe through the use and knowledge […]

The little things

Make you happy within. It’s a bright light in the sky, a ripple in the water, a shooting star, a free smile, a bee flying on a rose, your children telling you that they love you, a full moon, a breeze, and a sparkling rainbow. These little things can be connected to our soul forever, […]

Expect, nothing from anyone, but from yourself.

I’ve grown up, young and strong into this body, and I still am, but one thing hasn’t changed. I expect things only from my self, everything else that comes from other sources (people, relatives and friends) it is just a plus. I don’t live my life expecting something from others. Expectation is that Ego muppet […]

Where there is a “will” there is a way.

Inspiration arrives when you least expect it. -Giuseppe Joe Nasti I was wanting to write something philosophical and deep in the last 3 days and talking to my wife I was desperately telling her that I was really struggling with finding ideas and topic to talk about. This morning, as a normal working day, I […]

Whole meal multigrain sourdough

Today I want to share the best of the best of my favourite recipes: The holy multigrain sourdough Ingredients: 700gr strong flour 300 gr whole meal 700 gr water 400gr fed starter 20 gr salt 20 gr malt 50 gr Pumpkin seeds 50 gradi sunflower seeds 20 gr Lin seed 20 gr chia seed. Preparation: […]

Feedback addiction

We are living in a world where what counts the most is somebody else’s opinion, do you find it right? Does that involve you too? If you worry about what other people think about you, you will always be the prisoner. – Lao Tsu Instead of finding the answers by ourselves, we ask for feedbacks […]

Chocolate ganache

I just happened to make a chocolate ganache for a wedding tomorrow and I wanted to share my recipe, quick, easy and cheap. Really the easiest as, it just took me probably 5-7 minutes to prepare it, taste it and wrap it. Ingredients 300 gr sour cream or thickened cream 300 gr 70% dark chocolate […]

Take your chances

Take your chances and don’t regret that you didn’t. Be courageous, don’t hesitate, trust your self. Universe gives you the things that you need for the dreams that you desire, but if you don’t take your chances you’ll be forgotten by your own waiting gift. Taking chances means to be able to understand the Universe […]

The Art of falling forward

I still remember clearly the day my mom tried to remember me that every time I fall, I should land on my hand, and that means forward. It was the first time I have practically learnt the Art of Falling forward. When you fail it is all about perception and acceptance. It is all about […]

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