In-finitely us

I’m Proud to write this piece, and you can agree or not. I write from my heart.

It all begun the day I started to believe about this simple idea, the idea that nothing is impossible and that we are eternal beings. That day my fear of death disappeared.

Simple as 1+1 I understood that because we are energy (and energy cannot be created or destroyed) we can’t go anywhere, we are and we will stay energy for the rest of our life, yes we are going to change form or shape, location or surrounding, but we will remain energy. Energy fluctuating in the space. Wide space. We are only guest on to this amazing planet and we should probably find the way to create greatness and not fear.

That is why I started to believe that God exist, and not just for having someone to talk to at night when everyone is asleep, but because everything has been created from an idea. Probably God’s idea. Think about everything around you, everything is the materialisation of an idea or thought, somebody’s thought. So I believe that this means that also humans were born out of somebody’s idea, that this also means that The Universe was also some great mind’s idea. Must have been a genius tough. I believe was God, it makes me feel super good.

Every day of our life we are surrounded by energies, that we can see, like water, electricity, light. Energy that we can feel, wind, heat, cold. Energy that we can sense.

I want to focus on the last one for a second. That is the energy you have to trust, that is God energy and it can’t be wrong. What we actually now call instinct or sixth sense, is actually The power which should give you the answer for every hard decision. The power that God has put inside us to be like him. That is the sense or the feeling that should make you believe that you are limitless, that the power of creation has been given to us; this gift that not every creature on this planet possesses. A part for humans, nobody else has been proven To be able to think and elaborate, dream and imagine the future.

We should protect the planet where we live as we protect our home and our families.While we are on this planet we should work to make a change and as Ghandi many years ago said:

Be the change that you want to see In The world.

So I do act as what I want to see in the world. I want to live the rest of my ethereal non physical existence happy and proud to have evolved into a good, kind, generous soul. Being proud of the greatness I’ve been sent to give in my Physical time on this planet. Remember, I believe we’ll never die, we’ll we just change space and time.

Be proud of what you do today and feel in paradise already.

With love and passion

Giuseppe Nasti

(Photo credit to the owner)


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