What you are living now is a reflection of your action, beliefs and thoughts.

You are what you wanted to be, you have what you wanted to have. Be aware that every circumstance you are living in now is something that you have attracted to you. Your job, your house, your car, your friends, your addictions, your relationships, your partner, your fiancé, your spouse, your husband, your divorce your marriage, your children, your health, your sadness, your happiness, your success, your leadership. What you are living now is all you wanted, even if you don’t understand it. Even if you don’t accept it.

Unfortunately or fortunately this is how it is. The earlier you accept this amazing 😉, annoying truth, the sooner you’ll improve your perception of life. Your perception of life is only your choice. It all depends on how you take it, how you take the next move forward, never backwards. You decide how to react to your perceptions and subsequently to your feelings.

Anything you have or you don’t have it is just because of you, so blame your self for all of you are not happy about in your life. . Don’t also blame anyone else other than you for your loss, for your miss, for your inadequacy.

On the other side I’d love to say that when you achieve something that you wanted, path your self at the back and say: – well done mate, good job, well deserved. Hard work payed off.

Live every day like it would be your last, give 💯 % for your self, 💯 % for the cause you believe in. Don’t sit back and wait. So do something and do it now to change the results you are receiving from Universe.

If you are angry at someone or you don’t agree with him/her, walk on the path of least resistance and allow your two energies to match up again, do not absolutely give up if you care. If you care you need to fight, problems are made to be solved, problems are exercise for our mind and heart. Solve them and go on, onto the next problem.

If you care about someone do not give up, do everything In Your power to fix it. Give everything you got, everything. Don’t give up.

Your life is in one only person hands, YOURS. Take them out of your pockets, and start making things, choose to do something greater than you, try to do something that is impossible. Fight for your beliefs, and if somebody laughs at you, laugh back, Laugh it is the quickest way to fix any problem and to spread good energy. From now on become your life’s Mentor, your life guru,.

With love and passion

Giuseppe Nasti

(Photo credit to the owner)

7 thoughts on “What you are living now is a reflection of your action, beliefs and thoughts.

  1. Thank you for sharing this. I agree whole heartedly and believe that every path we take is one we have created. It is so important that we learn and grow through our experiences both positive and negative. The more we accept we are our own life’s creators the greater our lives will become and the more thankful you are the more you will be thankful for.

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  2. Truer words have never been spoken. Lovely words and thoughts by a lovely man. It’s great to see you are as passionate for spirituality as you are for your food. I didn’t think you had anymore passion in you for anything else. So my lesson is: don’t ASSUME anything and don’t limit anyone to anything. Great to see you grow brother.

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    1. Apple Rae, I am very grateful for this amazing, powerful, feedback, thanks 🙏 a lot, really. I wrote because I find my self remembering better in what I believe, and I suppose at the same time I help other improving their knowledge and beliefs.

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