Be a man of value not a man of success

I start with this amazing quote that I learnt from Albert Einstein,

Be a man of value, not a man of success.

Einstein knew many things, but what I really enjoy form him are his quotes.

I want to analyse this quote a bit.

Let’s start from what value means:

Value is something that we start learning though our parents. They start by teaching what is right and what is wrong. What is good and what is bad. After we understand these things they start teaching us moral values, moral principles, rules of behaviour. If not your parents I bet somebody else has tried to teach you things. Your teacher has taught you values and moral rules too.

Unfortunately during teenager times we all go through a forgetting period where we don’t remember those rules anymore. When you get older and wiser, and keen for success you start searching for spirituality and faith and so we wake up again and dig into books, video, motivational speeches and seminars.

That’s how I have found my passion for motivating and spirituality. I love it that much that one day I’m going to speak loud to audiences of thousands of people. We all need to be able to give something to the world. We need to protect humanity and planet heart, by being a human of values and not of success.

So being a human of values and not of success means that you have to put first the others and then your self. You need to render service, you need to earn your success by giving yourself freely to people who need your moral support, your strength, your knowledge, your passion, your example, your determination.

I definitely want to surround my self with good people and create a better world for future children, who will grow and understand the Value of values.

Sharing is caring so start sharing sone thing good today. Make an action of value and you see how you’ll fell.

With love and passion

Be a man of value not a man of success.

Giuseppe Nasti

2 thoughts on “Be a man of value not a man of success

  1. Love this! Love Einstein’s quotes! You might like Dr. Jim Loehr’s book, “The Only Way to Win,” who stresses, “Character above all else.” Valuing others and yourself is the only way you can truly evaluate “success” in your life!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In this case I take a chance for saying thank you, thank you for taking time to enjoy my work, and especially by reading it. I’m glad you loved it.
      Thanks for the suggestion in reading Jim Loher’s book. I’ll definitely look into it.
      I appreciate Universe way of communicating to me.
      Giuseppe Nasti


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