Gluten free sourdough

Here is my amazing story, I’ve been craving to be able to create a super bubbly sourdough for years, and finally and surprisingly, I have managed to achieve what I had in my mind.

I want to give you my first recipe.

  • 7 gr psyllium husk
  • 350 gr water
  • 150 gr rice flour
  • 25 gr corn flour
  • 30 gr potato starch
  • 90 gr sourdough
  • 10 gr Himalayan salt

Mix all the dry ingredient together into a bowl without the salt.

Add the water and mix until it gets combined all together.

When the mixture will double in size start folding as a normal bread process.

Repeat the folding 2 times and then place into the balleton to proof for 12 hours at room temperature.

Bake at 220 Celsius for 1.30 know minutes.

Rest for few hours and enjoy it.

With love and passion you can achieve great results.

Giuseppe Nasti

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