Rennet free Ricotta

Homemade is simple and quick, it also saves you from going to the shop and buy some fresh ricotta for your sweets or for your snack. But it could also save the expired milk that usually, if not drunk or used on time gets poured down the sink. With this quick and simple 4 steps ricotta recipe you’ll have the pleasure of producing your own soft Italian cheese, the possibility to save few bucks, and the fun of creating something with your own hands.

You’ll need only milk, salt, vinegar or lemon.

you’ll also need:

The following tools: a pot, a straining cloth and a strainer. Kmart usually has all of this material if you need to. Also if you don’t have any old milk you can actually do and buy some, it works anyway. It’s up to you.

You only have to bring the 1 lt of milk to simmer, add your salt and 4 tbsp of vinegar. Slowly mix with a spoon, and wait for Mother Nature to split the milk in ricotta and whey.

I usually let the milk set and rest for 15 minutes without shaking it too much, then I’ll fold the Strainer with the towel or the cheese cloth and slowly with a ladle I pour the ricotta into the strainer.

keep it in the fridge to become firmer, and rest in the fridge for couple of hours.

The ricotta is ready, for whenever you think you want to enjoy it.

On some cracker or on its own, ricotta is amazing from an entrèn to a Dessert. Just be creative.

With love and passion

Giuseppe Nasti

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