Hot food or cold food. When food temperature needs to contrast the weather temperature

Hello guys, here today to touch a simple but very important part of our wellbeing.

Let’s start from the beginning explaning that keeping  your body temperature at the right level will help you keep away most of  illnesses and infections.

The simple principle that I have learnt on my skin last year from a health healer from southern Italy consists  in dropping or increasing you inner body temperature. Not only to cool you down or warm you up  a little more but also to keep your blood and cells running  through your vessel and veins…. your organs need to work at the right temperature.

Easy mechanism is as follow:

  • Cold drinks and food during hot and dry summers.
  • Hot food and hot drinks during cold and humid winters.

This is the only tip to keep in mind to stay mentally and physically healthy during your life. Especially suited for elderly and teenagers

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