Law of smile

Here is a secret for you all. I’m sure you know it already, but with our busy lifestyle we forget about smiling. Smiling is a welcoming sign, smiling is a reward for those who are looking at you, smiling is a new starting point for anyone who receives it.

I’ve seen many smiles in my life and all of them are different and extremely pleasing. Some are bright, some are inspiring, some are full of bliss, some are honest, some are original, some are unique, some are pure.

I know that kids have the most honest smile ever. You can see it in their eyes when they are happy. You are surrounded with an amazing energy when playful, laughing and smiling kids are around.

Another important aspect of smiling is the power that it has on people who are not having a good day, or to every person that walks past you during your day.

That’s where the famous say comes from:

Smile to the life and the life will smile back to you.

Be happy, be a laugher be a smiler. You’ll see incredible improvements in life rewards and people help and respect around you. Universe is always on our side, enjoy every moment of your life with smile and gratitude. Mainly smile when something is going wrong, that’s when it helps the most.

With love, a big smile and passion

Giuseppe Nasti


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